Wisdom Teeth​/​Milkshakes Split

by Wisdom Teeth

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split with Milkshakes from Glastonbury, CT. cassettes are being put out by it's a trap records. recorded by matt whitson. artwork by campbell henderson


released July 7, 2012

daniel ryan-bass/vocals
zane lake-guitar/vocals
jake lovett-drums/vocals
matt whitson recorded this and campbell henderson did the artwork and we're super stoked about both of those things



all rights reserved


Wisdom Teeth Birmingham, Alabama

daniel. zane. jake.

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Track Name: a pond. not a lake
My shoes don’t fit me. They feel tight on my feet these days. I’m not getting out of bed. The weight won’t go away. Left without saying goodbye tonight. Turn around quick; hide my eyes. Find a place where you feel at home. I can only fit in on my own. Only fitting in when I fall into routines. Spitting up blood with my baby teeth. I was wrong when I said this was where I wanted to be. I’m not coming up today. I’m staying asleep. Losing your feathers, find a new nest. I’m not leaving til I get this off my chest.
Track Name: swans don't feel the hurt
I’ve been having trouble lately getting my thoughts out clearly. A mix of bad metaphors and bad nights should drag me under in no time. I’ve been feeling out of my head on a daily basis. I don’t want to talk to my friends. Guess this is how I’ll face this. Smash my bones against the rocks. Break like the waves that are pulling me under. Like an animal wanders off to die alone, I’m not saying goodbye. I’m gone. How the fuck am I supposed to feel? Can’t draw breath anymore. Shaking in my bones. Sorry couldn’t hold on. If it’s all in my head, what the hell am I supposed to do? If it’s all in my head I’ll just smoke that fucker out. What if I crashed my car into every telephone post? Drove off the road into each ditch? This is me not keeping my cool. Just feeling morbid.
Track Name: my name's not patrick
We turned off our flashlights. Left them at the door. Followed your voice. Dove in head first. And it’s dark down here. My words echo off the walls. Called out for help, that’s all I heard. How far away am I from everything I wanted? Can only see through one eye. How far away was it? Swollen shut. Blind like a bat. A cockroach on its back. Held my breath. Bit my nails. Turned to dust in ten seconds flat. Sometimes I feel like I’m almost gone(traditional). Forget me like I was never there at all. I’m hellbent at balking at my leash.