Wisdom Teeth​/​Sitka Split

by Wisdom Teeth

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split with sitka from olympia washington. recorded by matt whitson. artwork by campbell henderson.


released April 20, 1969



all rights reserved


Wisdom Teeth Birmingham, Alabama

daniel. zane. jake.

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Track Name: my hands alone
I wanted to tell you I’m sorry for every time I lost my mind; driving home at night, and drunk alone at night spilling my guts out. Caught in a bear trap. Gnaw my own legs off. Backed into a corner. Standing on rooftops. Please keep the words from my mind. Plug my ears like a little kid. “I can’t hear you, I can’t hear you.” Gotta stay busy. Stay busy or the darkness will catch up to you. I fucked up again. Forget me. I know you’re tired, tired of me. I’ll just go back to sleep.
Track Name: steve buscemeyes
I’m a nihilist and cynic. Every promise I’ve made, I’ve broken it. My chest rattles much more often than it’s full. I fell out the saddle. I’m insecure. I’m just a lowly creature. Wallowing in the mud. The weight tied to your ankles dragging you beneath the flood. Have you ever believed in something? I have too. But I threw my values out the window. Wasn’t getting through. Instant gratification, only thing I know. Tripping over the words before they reach my tongue. Hide under the covers. I jumped the goddamn gun.